The objective for this session is to setup your Amway & LTD memberships as well as to lay the foundation for your onboarding process so that you can begin to develop the success habits that have been commonly used to create a stable long term business within our environment.

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Personal Use

The objective for this session is to learn the mindset behind creating volume through personal use as a “Prosumer.” This session will give you an overview of the brands, products, and tools at your disposal. This will also begin to create a firm foundation for your business using the DITTO program and understanding the power of duplication.

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The objective of this session is to give you a simple & professional strategy for connecting with potential customers and creating Verified Customer Sales (VCS). Your coach will help you begin the process of implementing the customer plan you’ve developed as you take guided action.

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The objective of this session is to teach you how to identify potential business partners and learn the process of networking as professionals through guided action with your coach. We will work towards strategies to grow your network that are both sustainable and repeatable to create the habit of networking in professional and personal situations.

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